Health Checkup


Prevention is better than cure.
Getting the right type of health check-up is important and while considering it, certain factors like age, lifestyle, family history, and risks should be taken into account. Regular health examinations and tests help detect problems before they start. Opting for a right health check-up, screenings, and treatments means one is taking steps to help one live longer and healthier life.

If nothing else, it gives important information about one’s body to ensure peace of mind and to make lifestyle adjustments. Even the most basic health check-ups can identify underlying illnesses. An illness picked up in the early stages is, after all, far easier to cure.



        (Male ₹ 2500)     (Original price₹ 4500)      (Female ₹ 2500) (Original price₹ 4500)  (Geriatric ₹ 3350 Male & 3000 Female) (Original price₹ 5500)
Surgeon(males)  √
Blood Group & Rh type
Urine Routine and Micro examination
Stool Routine and Micro examination
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Cardiac (Lipid) Profile
S. Cholesterol
S. Triglyceride
Total Lipids
Diabetic Profile
Fasting Blood Sugar
Post Prandial Blood Sugar
Kidney Profile
Blood Urea
S Creatinine
S Sodium
S Potassium
Liver Profile
S Billirubin
Alkaline Phosphatase
Total Protein
Alb, Glb, & A:G Ratio
Bone(Skeletal) Profile
S. Calcium
S. Phosphorus  √
S. Uric Acid  √  √
Thyroid Function Test
S. T3, S. T4
X Ray Chest (PA View)
ECG (Electrocardiogram)
Whole Abdomen Sonography
Pap Smear(Females)
PSA(Males)   √



  • We advise you to take an appointment for your health check at least 24 hrs in advance to enable us to provide you with a quick and hassle free examination. You may contact on 9414753466
  • If you have blood sugar (fasting) and / or cholesterol level as part of the package, you must have to come fasting or empty stomach for 14 hours. Kindly escape from Alcohol intake at least 12 hours before to the Health Check up.
  • You are solicited to carry urine and stool sampler in clean sterilized containers or collect container from the Hospitals Reception counter one day before.
  • We know that time is valuable and ensure you that all your examination will be ceased in approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the number of tests.
  • Ultra-Sonography requires a full bladder .So please start consuming water half an hour prior to your scheduled time for Sonography.
  • Breakfast is on the house for guests who have to fast overnight for their blood tests .So if you are a diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning of the Health Check-Up. It is requested carry them with you and you can have them with breakfast, after your Health Check-Up or blood test. Other regular medicines can be taken as advised by your doctor.
  • Please bring all your earlier medical reports and medical auxiliary equipment like glasses and hearing aid when you come for the Health Check examination.
  • Please feel free to talk out with us any other anxiety, fear or care that you might have concerning your health check test.

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