Covid -19 Admission Policy

  • Patients admitted under general ward ( Non AC) will be charged as per the guidelines issued by Govt. of Rajasthan.
  • For other categories , admission charges will be as mentioned :
  • Patients opting for General ward (AC) : As per state guidelines +Rs 1000 extra per day
  • Twin sharing private Room: As per state guidelines +Rs 2000 extra per day
  • Separate deluxe room: As per state guidelines +Rs 3000 extra per day
  • Patients are requested to get the mobile phones and chargers along with them.
  • It is better for people to get books, tablets to watch movies and spend quality time during admission at KNH.
  • Food is provided by our cafeteria and takes into consideration the hygiene and quality factor.
  • At the time of admission we will ask for a number of attendant that can be reached via whats app to send patient’s updates .
  • For admission and bed availability – Please call on the following number – 9414753466 (If above number is busy/not reachable send us the necessary details of patient on Whatapp. We will reply you as soon as possible).

Bed Reservation form for Covid 19 Admission ​