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Dr.Bina Goel


About Dr Bina Goel Carrier

Dr.Bina Goel completed M.B.B.S and M.S from Sawai Man Singh Medical College Jodhpur. After a short stint as an Assistant Professor of Gynaecology at SMS Medical College, Jaipur she shifted to Jodhpur, where she worked as Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Dr S.N. Medical College from 1986 to 1994. Thereafter, she has been working as a Consultant gynaecologist at Kamla Nagar Hospital.

Dr Bina Goel is member of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society of India and other professional bodies and regularly attends most of the seminars and conferences at national level. At Jodhpur, Dr Bina Goel is always in intimate touch with most of the gynaecologists of Jodhpur and finds opportunities to meet them regularly for the discussion and dissemination of information about recent advances in obstetrics and gynaaecological procedures and about fertility and family welfare. She works tirelessly day in and day out and finds some sort of satisfaction and smile when most of the families at Jodhpur tell her that their child was delivered at Kamla Nagar Hospital.

She started laparoscpic surgery in 1996 and has been handling all types of obstetrics and gynaecological operations like TLH, NDVH and Myomectomy. She has also been doing uterine balloon therapy in Kamla Nagar Hospital, which involves conservation of uterus in case of execessive bleeding without causing any organic disorder. Dr Bina Goel is actively involved in the family welfare programmes at Jodhpur and was felicitated by the government of Rajasthan for performing maximum sterilization cases at Jodhpur.


During the last few decades, safe delivery of the child and child and mother care have attracted worldwide attention and considerable advances have been made in making the expectant mothers reasonably informed, assured and relaxed and to make them participants in the process of safe delivery and subsequent wellbeing of the mother and the child. Dr Bina Goel takes pains to make the expectant mothers comfortable and is always prepared to wait for days and hours, if there is reasonable possibility of normal delivery without compromising with the safety of the mother and child.

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